Patient Forms

New Patient Documents (Lucas)

What to Bring - First Appointment Checklist

Useful Websites & Apps for Diabetics

The American Diabetes Association
The American Heart Association
One Drop Diabetes Management
Lose It! Weight Loss App

Educational Materials

High Blood Sugar Fact Sheet
Download this fact sheet that helps you recognize the signs of hyperglycemia and provides information for managing the condition.

Low Blood Sugar Fact Sheet
This fact sheet will help you recognize the signs of hypoglycemia and provides information for managing the condition.

Know Your Numbers
This fact sheet lists the numbers that patients with diabetes need to track and manage in order to achieve the best possible health.

The Glycemix Index
The glycemic index is a system of assigning a number to carbohydrate-containing foods according to how much each food increases blood sugar. Learn more.

Community Resources

Diabetics Assistance Program
A community resource for diabetic patients in need of affordable supplies. It can offer substantial savings to members of the local diabetic community.

Community Resource Guide
A great list of local health resources for people in the Southeastern Michigan Community. It has numbers and contact information for numerous organizations and programs in the area.

A free, online resource which includes healthy recipes, ideas for getting fit, and practical planning tools for better health.

Lilly Helpline - 1-833-808-1234
A dedicated service that identifies solutions for people who have trouble affording their insulin.

Lilly Insulin Assistance
The Lilly Diabetes Solution Center is a new patient-focused helpline identifying personalized solutions to assist people who need help paying for insulin.

CVS Minute Clinics
A concise directory of CVS urgent care clinics in the Detroit area. It can be a useful, low-cost resource for urgent but non-emergency medical needs.

Transportation Resources
Local community resources for individuals in need of low-cost transportation to and from their physician's office.

Diabetic Technology & Medical Suppliers

Below is a list of products, suppliers and local businesses we work with. We do not endorse any specific products or suppliers. Check with your insurance carrier to see what is covered under your plan.